10 Instant-Improvement Tips for League of Legends Wild Rift!

Some quick tips to up your Wild Rift gameplay regardless of what champion or role you play.

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Regardless of whether you are completely new at moba games, or if you are a veteran from PC, there’s something for you here. Of course, if you are a PC veteran you might already know many or even most of these but there are some tips here geared towards Wild Rift gameplay, that only mobile moba pros are accustomed to.



Always look at the minimap. This tip has been reiterated hundreds of times in hundreds of different ways but it still stands just as important. Everyone has that one death that could have been avoided if they were more attentive of the minimap. Vision is scarce on Wild RIft and so you must make good use of wards; but again wards are useless if you don’t watch the minimap.

Minimap Wild Rift Be aware of the hp bars of heroes on your team. If they have a green dot over their heads it means they have ultimate available. This is especially useful when you have a Global ult.

As a beginner, all this last hitting, focusing on minimap and timing abilities might get a little overwhelming but I promise you will get better! Try to get used to your champion abilities properly in the various practice modes, that brings us to our next point.

Practice mode is your friend!

passive Do not shy away from using this. Wild Rift has a fully-fledged out practice mode with a lot of options, like removing Fog of War(FoW) and choosing who you want your opponent to be(SWAP option). This is also a great place to test the effectiveness of your builds, try out combos and so on. Set some dummies, read up a bit and get geared up.

description Tap on your scoreboard and select options on the right bar to see detailed stats of your champion.

Also, there are more than one practice mode in Wild Rift. There is a co-op vs AI with both intro and intermediate difficulty bots. If you are a veteran from other mobile moba and want to amp up the difficulty, try custom and go 2v5 or 3v5 against the bots(they are set to intermediate difficulty by default).

Many players shy away from these modes, thinking they are a waste of time, or only for noobs, but know that it is completely alright to try out these. Remember, it’s better to get good at the basic combos of a new champ here than go 0-15 in ranked.


Have there been moments where you don’t know what to do with your time? The next wave is just crashing in, you’re all warded and safe and there’s nothing else to do but wait for the next round of last-hitting? If you have some moments like these, know that you are wasting your time. There is always something to do in Wild Rift. There’s too much information in each game to leave you any spare time for idling. Make it a habit to open the scoreboard in these moments. Check the enemy items, gold, levels and so on. Is there anything off with anyone’s build? Is the Malphite going AP or full tank? Should you be afraid of him one-shotting you? Is your jungler ahead in gold despite the enemy having a Lee Sin? Is the map properly warded or does your team need a reminder? It’s a 10 person game and that means you have that much more information to sift through!

Watch any mobile moba professional’s game and you will notice that they look at the scoreboard so often and so fast that sometimes it’s impossible to even catch what they were going for. Just quickly checking small details here and there that were out of place an so on.There is a chance that you don’t do this often, that you just check the KDA and call it a day. The gold difference is the FIRST deciding factor in whether you will win or lose the next team fight, mechanics always come second.

What exactly is your 3k gold Akali with God tier mechanics gonna do if the 6k gold enemy Amumu jumps on you and starts throwing a temper tantrum attracting the attention of some living Mountain telling you, you shouldn’t have made the kid cry? The situation is gonna be even worse when you realize that the living mountain loves to cosplay as a mage, and you never built any Magic Resistance.

Turn off all chat

For most purposes in solo queue, your all chat should be off. Flaming, taunting and all that stuff only goes forward to breaking your rhythm in the game. Like I said before, there is too much information to be processed every second to be worrying about such things. If you truly want to win the game, all chat is not going to do anything for you. The feature is only useful for practice customs, scrims and so on, where you actually have information to convey.

Swipe map

Learn to swipe your camera so that you have a better idea about the team fights you are engaging on, and more visual knowledge of when and how you can engage. This will greatly improve your gameplay. But there’s a catch. If you swipe with your thumb, how will you use your abilities?

The left index finger swipe

This is a very essential mechanic for every mobile moba with a minimap, not just Wild Rift! You need to learn this in order to pull off more complex plays and be aware of what’s going on in every lane. Just looking at dots on the minimap is not sufficient information especially in competitive.

What this is, is essentially being able to move your map with the left index finger, like the name suggests, while you still use your joystick and abilities with other fingers. To make it more clear, check out Shurkou’s video that gives you a handcam view and explanation as to how to properly employ this technique.

Although this is an Arena of Valor video, the mechanic is exactly the same(Come on guys, he makes a Master Yi reference, that should count)! The index finger swipe is a little difficult to pull off, but with enough practice you will get better at it. If you want to go pro, learning this is important.

Watch every death

Do you get tilted everytime you die? Yes, I do too, even when I know I had to die for a team fight. Is this a good way to go about it? No it isn’t. Your mental space is half the game. Keep it calm and clean. When the color fades on your screen that again is absolutely free time on your hands! You can use it to see the gold, items and so on.

There are some questions you should ask yourself after every death.

Could the death have been avoided?

If yes, what steps you could’ve taken to prevent it. If you find yourself always saying, “Was trying to save a teammate” or that “My team didn’t follow up”, know that it might also be your fault. Maybe your teammate was running out of mana, or is just a passive player in general. You can’t change his playstyle in one engage, you need to predict when he might not engage. And yes this is a bit dependent on luck in solo queue, just like all team games are. Avoid tripping over generic traps that beginners spiral in, saying “My team is bad” or “There’s never any follow up”. This may be one 100 percent accurate but it won’t help you if you have given the enemy 10 deaths and 15 items for free in the first 5 minutes of the game. As a beginner just not dying is a huge step forward. Legends never Die! (Unless you are a support 😔 )

What killed you exactly?

Was it just a missed swipe? No problem, keep that in mind next time. Mechanics are sure to improve. Did three people appear out of nowhere? Better warding and map awareness. Again, always look at the minimap. If three people gank you and you can take out even one, by just tower hugging, that is a huge advantage for your team. Make every death count.

I don’t even know what killed me!

death screen wild rift Tap the timer and you will know the exactly what killed you, down to the ability and item names! Try to avoid this ability next time. If you don’t know what the abilities themselves do that might be a problem. Which brings me to the next point.

Read read read!

Like it or not, this is one of the fastest ways to get better at the game. Most of the experienced moba players spend time to read each ability of every character when they start a new moba. Just the knowledge of these abilities makes a huge difference in your gameplay, because you understand better when you can engage and when you can’t.

read Understand that League of Legends is a strategy game. Superior strategy can win over mechanics, that’s why you have many champs that are mechanically easy to play and still very much viable. So just having the knowledge of these strategies helps you make some of your own, and will in turn mean you have an edge over even the mechanically skilled opponents. Every character in Wild Rift has a lot of intricacies that you understand once you read and play them. All ability descriptions are in the game, and you can look through them while you are queueing and so on. I know a lot of players who just play their own champion but do not read the abilities of the other champs. there is only an extent to which you can figure out what the abilities do. The fastest way still remains to just read how everything rolls in the game.

This will lead to less moments where you are surprised as to what killed you and more moments where you are learning in every single game. If you don’t even know what killed you, you will die to the same things again and again. We don’t want the learning process to stagnate.

Don’t just watch self replays

Although watching self replays is a very good way to identify your mistakes, just watching those can have a detrimental effect in the long run. Say for instance, you are making a particular mistake that you don’t think of as a mistake. Over time, you will end up perfecting the erred style of gameplay. To avoid this watch and read a variety of content, the more the better!

Note down combos

combo Artwork by Oreki Genya.

Now characters in Wild Rift each have 4 abilities. So even if we count just a two ability combo, that’s still a LOT of combos. No matter how many synergies you are aware of there will always be some that slipped your attention, and it was brought to light in some game you played, either by you or by your enemies. Take a pen and paper, save a file on your phone, do whatever but make sure you keep a note of such combos. This will greatly help you in the drafting phase of ranked matches.


draft Drafting well is half the match won. It pays of well to know not only the counters champions of what your enemies have picked, but also the ones that synergize well with your team composition. Let’s say for example enemy picks a Miss Fortune first pick, and your team has already picked an Ashe. Your mains are Braum and Alistar so you’ve to decide between the two. Alistar is good at cancelling Miss Fortune ult, but Baum can completely block it. Also, Ashe and Braum have really good passive synergy. That means Braum just might be the better choice here by a small margin(even tho Alistar is S tier in this meta), not only because he counters Miss Fortunes ult, but also because he synergizes well with your team composition.

The better you are at drafting the higher your chances of winning. Again, this comes with knowing the champions their abilities and how to counter them, which requires a decent amount of reading if you are a beginner.


Zed Artwork by Oreki Genya.

It is easy to blame team mates when things don’t turn out well. I’ve done it many times and I’m sure you have too. To improve we have to change this mindset for the long run. Always blaming your team mates might insinuate that you have nothing to improve on your own which is a scary place to be. Even the best of the best players are always on the path of learning. And as all of them will tell you, League depends a lot on your mindset while playing the game. Keep a clear headspace, and try to improve with every match, regardless of how many odds are stacked against you and never surrender. (Count that as an extra tip. Never ever tap yes to the surrender vote.)

Good luck on the Rift, friend!

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