Hello there, friend! Welcome to MobaFlow and get ready to learn all the tips and tricks to master League of Legends Wild Rift.

We aim to help you - whether you're novice or a savvy player from other mobas and PC version of League of Legends - in conquering this new challenge. Here you will find detailed guides to champions, item, runes, summoner spells, game modes and all the latest news! In short, anything wild rift!

MobaFlow was created under Riot Games "Legal Jibber Jabber" policy using assets owned by Riot Games. Riot Games does not endorse or sponsor this project.

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Are the guides updated for the most recent patch?

Yes. All guides are updated for the most recent patch of Wild Rift. As soon a new patch is released, we make necessary changes to all guides, based on them in a few days.

Can I use the art on the site?

No. We do not have copyright for the images used on the site and many are not even a part of public domain. The Riot Intellectual Property is used in accordance with their Riot Games "Legal Jibber Jabber" policy.

You must ask the artist's permission to use their art. The details of the artist and their artstation profiles have been added below every image.

How much time does it take to make each guide?

It collectively takes over fifty hours to make each champion guide. A lot of work goes into research, reaching out to the players, Youtubers, artists, and so on. That is the reason it takes so much time before publishing each guide. There is no set time for the other general guides. Even after the guide is published, we still constantly make changes based on patches, new information and so on. Yes, we are learning along with you.

Is there a schedule for the posts?

We plan to make two champion guides, two general guides every month along with the patch notes as and when Riot publishes them.

I can't see the new posts, what should I do?

Mobaflow is a webapp. Many parts of it will get cached allowing you to view some of the data offline and load faster. This also means that you'd have to refresh the page to see recent changes. If you want to get notified of new posts feel free join our discord.

Why don't you have guides on the recently released champions?

This is because we don't think we can give a good enough guide for them so soon. Thoughts, strategies, playstyle, and even their stats change as the champions age. Keeping this in mind, it's best to wait a few months before releasing a fully-fledged guide on them with all the little quirks and idiosyncrasies.

I want to make a guide too. Who should I contact?

Join our discord and message any of our admins. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Even if it's not a full guide and you've some basic tips feel free to share them with us. We will credit you for it if the guide gets published.