An in-depth Blitzcrank guide for Wild Rift

Snowball every match with Blitzcrank! A deep dive into how the Wild Rift Blitzcrank rolls.

Artwork by Evelin Turcsán.


Why play Blitzcrank?

Blitzcrank is one of the best supports in Wild Rift right now. He has huge play-making abilities that can completely turn around the tide of the fight at any point in the game. To add to that he is a really fun champ to play!

So if you are the kind of person who loves to dish out some damage while on the support role, Blitzcrank is the champion for you!


  • Enables and maintains heavy snowballs.
  • Punishes bad positioning hardest.
  • Lane bully.
  • Lot of burst damage for a support tank.
  • Strong Early game, decent scaling late game.
  • Heavy utility that never falls off, early or late game.
  • Recommended for beginners.


  • High reliance on a single ability, Rocket Grab.
  • Difficulty increases as you rank up.
  • Blitzcrank has no poke.
  • Can get kited easily.
  • Is less tanky than an average tanks, dies easily if caught off-guard. This is because apart from his passive he has no ability that gives any boost to his resistence.
  • Very team reliant. You need your team to set up vision properly so that you can hook. Another problem is if they don’t follow up on opponents you hook, there isn’t much that can be done. This problem becomes less frequent as you rank up tho.
  • Lacking in mobility.

Builds, Runes and Spells


Winter's-Approach Locket Zeke's-convergence Protector's-vow Randuin's-omen Warmog's-armor
Winter's approach Locket Enchant Zeke's Convergence Protector's Vow Randuin’s Omen Warmog's-armor


Zeke’s Convergence

Casting your ultimate surrounds you with a blizzard and ignites a nearby ally’s attacks for 10 seconds. Your blizzard slows enemies by 20% and your ally’s attacks burn for 30% bonus magic damage over 2 seconds. Prioritizes highest Attack Damage ally.

This synergizes amazingly well with your one hook one kill potential. If you have built Aftershock and Weakness, this item does even more damage and so do your allies, ensuring that kills are secured. To top that it gives you additional mana, that makes your passive shield much stronger.


Winter’s Approach 450 additional mana that scales upto 700. So along with Manaflow band you will have a total of 450+700+300 mana! The passive shield late game from items alone will be over 435(30% of max mana)! That will allow him tank tons of damage even late game.



Mercury’s Treads: If enemy has Magic Damage threats, this is a good item.


Ninja Tabi: If enemy has Physical Damage threats, this is a good item.


Glorious Enchant: With this and Aftershock and your ult, you have three abilities that produce shockwaves around you, that’s a lot of burst. Along with Zeke’s convergence, another item that deals damage in a circle around him, you are making life living hell for enemies in close proximity.


Locket Enchant: This is recommended if enemies have a lot of assassin threats or your team is not doing too well. Standard item as a support


Protobelt Enchant: This is a decent enchantment on Blitz and works amazingly well with his hook. You can use it to surprise enemies with a dash into them and a hook.


Protector’s Vow: A support-oriented item that improves your tankiness and helps with engages.


Randuin’s Omen: Amazing against champions that have a high attack speed, like marksmen and Master Yi. This is because, it’s passive reduces the Attack Speed of enemies by 15% for 1.5 seconds when struck by an attack.


Warmog’s Armor: One of the best late game tank items. negates poke by giving you passive healing, along with a lot of HP points.

Addiitonal items


Thornmail: Induces Grievous wounds along with a lot of damage reduction. Great against Attack Damage threats and champions that heal a lot. Think Mundo, Son, Soraka and just about any mm with life steal items.


Adaptive Helm: If enemies have a lot of magic damage threats, then this is the one to go. Provides amazing tanky stats against magic damage.


Abyssal Mask: Great against Magic damage threats. The unique passive goes along amazingly well with his kit.


Flash Ignite
Flash: The spell that gives mobility less champions a flicker of hope. Ignite: Good for securing kills



Recommended post nerf. This rune set is much tankier and supports longer matches in general. Blitz doesn’t have the greatest late-game and so this is the answer to compensate.

Aftershock Weakness Loyalty
Aftershock Weakness Loyalty

Snowball oriented

If you don’t snowball, Blitz won’t be as effective anymore. The last two runes don’t really synergize much with his main kit either. Not really recommended unless you are playing with a team or in lower elos.

Aftershock Weakness Hunter-Titan
Aftershock Weakness Hunter Titan




Aftershock: Very important rune on Blitzcrank and synergizes very well with his kit. Aftershock really adds both resistance and damage after every hook. With Blitz 90 percent oh his action will be around his Rocket Grab and Power Fist, both abilities will proc this rune.



Weakness: Slowing or Immobilizing an enemy champion marks them for 5 seconds, while marked they take 5% increased damage. This rune goes amazingly well with you kit and whenever you hook or stun a hero, he starts taking way more damage from your entire team. If you hook a squishy target, his fate is more or less sealed. A good thing to remember is that the effect from this rune outlasts Zhonyas(Stasis). So even if the enemy manages to somehow proc it you will still deal insane amounts of damage to them.



Loyalty: Blitz is a champion that is always around a team mate. He doesn’t venture alone especially as a support. This rune compliments his supportive nature.


Conditioning: Gives Blitz some tanky stats. After his recent nerfs on tankiness, stacking this rune helps him late-game a lot. It is less supportive than Loyalty, but if you are aggressive in playstyle this is a slightly better rune.


Hunter Titan: Helps him with tankiness again. But if you aren’t snowballing, this rune will not help you much. Better off going Conditioning or Loyalty



Manaflow Band: Hitting an enemy champion with an ability or empowered attack permanently increases your max mana by 30, up to 300 mana. Synergizes well with your passive scaling and helps your early game mana issues. This gives him a fair amount of mana early on itself, making his passive is very strong from early to mid game.


Pack Hunter: This rune is supportive in nature and works well with Blitzcranks support playstyle, but has no direct synergy with his kit.


Passive: Mana Barrier

Gains a shield that absorbs 104 damage (30% Mana) for 10 seconds upon falling below 35% Health.

Cooldown: 80s

The shield is dependant on his maximum mana. Anything that gives him more mana improves his passive, be it Manaflow Band rune or Zeke’s Convergence. These give you a fair amount of mana early on itself, meaning your passive is very strong from early to mid game. Late game it mostly depends on the amount of burst your enemy has.

This is overall a decent passive for baiting the enemies into wasting their abilities or going in for all in kills when they cannot kill you. Always have this passive up before going to any major team fights. Being on the front line means you will eventually have your hp below 35 percent at some point in the team fight. Hence, it becomes very necessary to keep track of it.

You can check the passive symbol and the cooldown on the bottom middle of the screen.

Rocket Grab

Fire his right hand to deal 80 magic damage (80 + 80 Magic damage) and pull the target to Blitzcrank.


Level 1 2 3 4
Cooldown 20 19 18 17
Base Damage 80 140 200 260

This is the one ability to rule them all! The one to define your champion and your skill on him. This is by far the best hook in the game! If you hit it, it results in a kill more times than not, completely disrupting enemies flow of the game. We talk about the flow of the game and so on, because Blitz is one of the tank supports that relies more on intimidation than most. More on this later in the guide. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the ability

  • You can ult while the hook is active to apply silence on the hooked enemy. The ult only procs after hook animation completes. This means enemy cannot flash or dash out of your range for 0.5 seconds, disrupting whatever combo he was planning to do and allows you to stun him with Power Fist auto. This does not mean you should always ult after hooking.
  • If your team is well-positioned and the enemy has less mobility, it can mean they will expend a Flash out of fear and still die. The decision is yours to make. If it’s a high priority target, like an Ezreal fed on 18 thousand kills, yes, you definitely want to use your all to keep him in your team’s damage range and burst the boi down before he can start showing his parkour moves.
  • His hook targets the first unit it hits, even if it’s a minion or a neutral objective on the map.
  • Hook will deal damage on the cc immune target but won’t pull them to you.
  • Where the hook brings the target is not changed by Flash.
  • This ability does not give you vision of the enemy, even if it hits. The target will be pulled to you but will only be visible once he is in vision range.
  • You DON’T want to hook tanks. I repeat, DO NOT hook tanks, especially in team fights. This is a recipe for disaster. If you notice, most of the tanks have abilities that are engage-oriented. They WANT to be in the center of your team. If you pull them to your team, trust me you are doing them a service. That probably saved them the need to Flash or ult in your team. Hook a Malphite and you just brought him close to your carries. Hook a Braum and watch him proc his passive on five of your teammates, mocking you about what real cc means. Hook an Alistar and watch him tell you why your ult will only tickle him while he walks around cc immune and head butts your juicy ADC into his team. Of course, there are times where it works, but if you are a beginner… avoid it.

The difficulty of this ability varies based on elo. It is easy enough in lower elo but as you climb higher, everyone will know what the counters are. They will bait your hook and make sure they have a mental note of the hook cooldown. Every time you miss a hook they will punish you for it. This does not mean you cannot hook them, just that it is harder and more skill-intensive than it initially seems.


Gains 70% decaying Movement Speed and 30% Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

When Overdrive ends, Blitzcrank is slowed by 30% for 1 second.

Mana: 75

Level 1 2 3 4
Cooldown 13 12 11 10
Movement Speed 70% 75% 80% 85%
Attack Speed 30% 40% 50% 60%

This is a very interesting ability. At first it gives you a nice speed boost, but as soon as it runs out your movement speed is slowed. Hence, this ability is not that useful for fast rotations. But I’ve found some things that it CAN do really well.

  • Remember that your kit is designed to revolve around your hook. taking that into consideration, mobility on a champion like Blitzcrank seems broken. It just means you can position yourself in ways that the enemy team cannot predict, making the hook that much easier. That is the reason for the slow at the end of the ability. You use this ability and then if you miss the hook, you pay the price by being in range of the enemy carries. If you hit the hook, your slow will not affect you in the least, coz you will be in one spot anyway.
  • The attack speed it provides is also pretty useless before level 5 given your autos really don’t add that much damage to any team fight, nor will it win you 1v1s against most champions. After level 5 this active becomes more useful, as the damage over time is pretty decent.
  • This ability, while not too good at rotations, can still be used to run away into safety or run towards to gap close.
  • At higher elos, people will know that you are looking to hook when you use this ability. You can use this against them and put them on edge just by using this ability and baiting a dash out of them without even using your hook. This ability is very good for intimidation that way.
  • Another trick you can use is, pretend to go away from the enemy and as the enemy moves towards you, you can use Overdrive close the distance and hit them with a power fist and a zero range hook and an ult. Perma cced till your team finishes them off. This way you can get a lot of kills without even using your hook.
  • Another way you can use it is after the Rocket Grab. Hook an opponent and if they still survive using some mobility move, you can run them down using this ability and stun them using Power Fist.
  • Let’s continue a scenario where you hook an Alistar, this time assuming you did it by mistake. You can use Power Fist to stun him and INSTANTLY use Overdrive to run away. This will avoid the situation where he pushes you into his team.
  • The Overdrive slow is affected by tenacity stack.

Power Fist

Empowers his next attack to critically strike for 105 physical damage (180% Attack Damage) and knock up the target.


Level 1 2 3 4
Cooldown 10 9 8 7
Crit Damage 180% 200% 220% 240%
  • This ability increases your auto attack range for a few seconds that it is active. This enhanced attack range increases more with Rapid Firecannon. This is not an item you want to build on Blitz. It’s just an effect that stacks.
  • This enhanced auto-attack also stacks your ultimate passive.
  • It’s bonus damage affects towers as well.
  • Power Fist consumes little mana. This makes the ability easily spammable.
  • You want to power it up while Rocket Grab is active. This means that as soon as you hook a target you can stun him instantly keeping him in place. This will also instantly stack your Static field passive on him,
  • To increase the burst you can sneak in an auto after you hook and then activate Power Fist. This ability gives you an enhanced range and hence will allow you to stun the target as he is running away. This way you can apply stacks of your ult passive and enhanced damage of your Power Fist, while still keeping him very much in your team’s territory. This will not work if enemy has Flash or so. Make sure they have used there movement abilities that allow them to escape this combo.

Static Field

Passive: While Static Field is off cooldown, attacks mark enemies to deal 40 Magic damage (40+15% Magic Damage) after 1 second.

Active: Deals 250 magic damage (250+80% Magic Damage) to nearby enemies and silences them for 1 second.

Mana: 100

Level 1 2 3
Cooldown 60 40 20
Passive Damage 40 80 120
Active Damage 200 325 450

This is a great AOE burst, that helps to get some early kills and has a nice silence that can completely scuff enemy combos. Some tips:

  • Your full combo after ult does a surprissingly high amount of damage easpecially early on. Make sure to sue it to secure kills. So if you catch a high priority target immediately use all your burst, unless they have a Zhonyas or a dash saved up.
  • Remember, you still are a support tank! The silence is what is golden for your team. Silence is one of the strongest abilities in the game. Use it wisely and NOT to kill steal.
  • Late game the cooldown is low and can be spammed
Blitzcrank Ultimate passive / Static Field passive
  • The passive of the ultimate is unique. As long you don’t have the ult on cooldown, you will deal bonus damage on your autos.
  • Your autos mark the enemy, and the mark is consumed after 1 second to deal magic damage.
  • Attack speed does not affect the time it takes. The mark always detonates after a second
  • As long as one mark is active, you cannot stack another mark.
  • Your base attack speed is 1 auto per second as you see in the video. So all your autos will be stacking this.
  • This passive makes your wave clear good but time it right so that you don’t take last hits from your team.
  • Once the mark explodes it will apply on-ability-hit effects that you have. For instance, Liandry’s Torment’s percentage damage over time will apply as soon as the mark explodes.
  • Works on towers.

How to win with Blitzcrank



Blitzcrank has the strongest power spike at level 1 and 2 of any support in Wild Rift Beta so far. His hook hitting means the enemy will either die or expend his summoners. This is very advantageous and a start of a juicy snowball. This is one of the reasons why Blitzcrank is the best support pick to snowball early on. The more hooks you hit on primary targets the more difficult it becomes for enemies to come back.

At level 1 you want to upgrade Rocket Grab, followed by Power Fist, because it helps keep the hooked enemies in place. At level 3, go for Overdrive which helps you create great lane pressure. As soon as you hit level 6, even your autos will start dealing additional magic damage. Another huge power spike for you.

In general, laning as a Blitzcrank is all about zoning the enemies and catching them off guard. As long as you’ve not expended your hook, the enemies will be on edge, waiting to escape your hook. This does not mean you hook less frequently. Instead, you should hook more frequently! Intimidation and unpredictability will help you win this lane. The simple act of going in front of the minion wave will make them think you are going to hook them. Use this to your advantage.


Learn to read your enemies. If they are confident in their ability to evade your hooks, and they do evade it, you’ll have to rely on vision and surprise hooks/ flicker hooks and so on. But if you see enemies are playing passive and scared you can easily make them miss CS and earn more gold that way.

To sum it up, your goal is to catch anyone off guard and get as many kills as you can early game, and deny them cs farm. You are the strongest early game support in the game right now, use it!

If your team is winning


If your team is winning, Blitzcrank can easily translate it to a proper stomp. Denying gold, warding objectives and hitting the hooks is only going to ensure your team’s vistory.

So you might ask, can I hook tanks now that my team seems to be able to burst down everything they see?

The answer is still a no. Yes it is true, you might be able to kill the tank, but sometimes in solo queue, people end up using all their burst on the person that BLitz has hooked. If your team ends up expending three ults just to kill an underfed tank, (while probably getting cced) this is bad news. Such situations can lead to potential comebacks, where the enemy team then uses all their burst on you as retaliation, while your team has run out of juice.



Vision is the name of the game for tanks. Think about this for a while, you have the highest HP pool on the map. What can you use that for outside of being obnoxious in team fights? Scouting the enemy map for no one has the potential to randomly one-shot you. You can get out of most sticky situations with your superior HP pool, passive shields, and Overdrive. This allows you to place wards, scout the map for threats, enemy locations and that gain sort of intel. Vision in Wild Rift is more valuable than most other mobile mobas, because you have so little of it! You cannot see beyond the walls. Vision has to be maintained using a smart combination of ward placement and tank positioning. Knowing the enemy junglers position, mid laners rotations and all will go a long way in predicting ganks, or avoiding them altogether.

In the case of Blitzcrank vision is even more important. To hook them off guard you need to have vision of enemies while they don’t have vision of you. Proper use of Oracle Lens and Wards is what sets apart a great Blitz player from the average one. This is one point where you are also reliant on your team to set up proper wards so that you can land as many unsuspecting hooks as possible.



Your entire job is to keep it so that it’s always a 4v5 when or sometimes even before a team fight breaks out. Try to hook a high priority target before you are gonna take any major objective and it will quickly mean that they cannot contest that objective anymore.

Keep a steady 4v5 throughout the match and it will keep immense pressure on the enemy team.

Apart from that your job is the same as any other tank. Save your team mates best you can. CC the enemies, apply some auto stacks if you get the chance, and try to ult on the highest number of people you can. The 0.5 second silence will really scuff their combo. Make sure you have your passive up before all major teamfights.

If your team is losing


If you are losing, you won’t have as much presence in team fights, you will have lower gold and hence, lower damage. But his cc will remain the same. You can still defend your allies with all your cc and tankiness. Blitz can get kited easily so make sure you are not caught out of position.

Remember, your passive is an amazing bait! It can make people dive on you and get cc chained as a result.

Make sure to not venture too far away from your team mates, as assassin ganks on your carries will be a repeated occurrence. Keep track of the waves, you have decent wave clear with your ult passive. When the enemy team is winning, it is easy for the players to get haughty. You can potentially find a lot of squishes out of position. Use this against them. Even one Rocket Grab on their carry can ensure a grand comeback. Blitz always has a chance for come-back, because all it takes to stop a snowball is one good hook at the right time on the right enemy.

How to defend your allies


All assassins rely heavily on the vision provided by their team to set up ganks or follow up kills. They usually can’t engage unless your adc is grossly overextended. Their greatest strength is in remaining invisible and surprising you with ganks. A tanky support can make life living hell for them by constantly following their trail and giving them no chance for launching surprise attacks. If you have vision of their rotations, you will stay safe for the most part. As their ganks will be expected and you would have abilities saved just for them.

Blitz is especially scary for assassins because if they get caught out of position, he does not even have to overextend. He stays where he is and brings the perpetrator to himself. Although keep in mind, that assassins have a lot of dashes. You have to make sure that the assassin, doesn’t just ignore you and jump on to your ADC, otherwise your hook would just be saving them a dash. Using Power fist auto in between their dash can cancel their dash (unless it’s an uncancellable teleport).

Use Static Shock wisely here. Keep in mind that you are the support. Don’t save it to last hit enemies, use it to silence them. Silence is one of the most broken abilities in the game so far. It breaks combos in between and cancels abilities. Silence the threats that jump on your adc at the right time, and you have a victory on your hands.

How to carry with Blitzcrank after nerf

Blitz has always been a champion who relies on hitting his Rocket Grab. None of that was nerfed, his range was intact. The only reason he was nerfed was that people would just use overdrive and stun targets and blow them up with insane burst and 1 second silence. You didn’t even need to hook! That was not really how the champion was designed to be played. All that is fixed now, although I do believe his tankiness nerf was undeserved. Witch the recent changes to his passive, you’ve to be extra careful with your engages and who you hook. Despite all these changes, as long as his hook range is preserved, Blitz will always be a champion with one of the highest play making potential in the game. All you need is one good hook to win the game.


So in short, Blitz mains who focused their practice on hitting the hook won’t even feel much of a difference.

That’s how you go about Blitzcrank now. Focus on Rocket Grab, read all the tips and you’re good to go! Make sure to pick Manaflow Band and Conditioning/Loyalty.

Best Synergies; When to pick Blitzcrank?

He usually goes well with most marksmen. There are of course some that he synergizes way more with.



Wombocombo your way into a snowball with this root stun/stun root fiesta. Whoever lands their ability first enables a free cc chain and ultimately a free kill. She has enough slows and roots in her kit to make your life as a Blitz very easy. If you hit your hook, she will make sure that the enemy stays there long enough to visit the Spawn.



Her autos and three of her abilities have slows, her ult is a stun. As a Blitzcrank what more do you need? People who are slowed down are easy hooks, and once you hook someone, her ult is easy stun. Chain cc for the ages!

Miss Fortune


Legend has it that her burst damage ult lasts 19810 seconds. You hook someone, that person is gonna hit the Spawn faster than you can say it. Hook the same enemy twice and he is gonna afk.

How to counter Blitzcrank

Learn to read his hooks. That’s the reason Blitzcrank is harder in higher elos. People have learned to read his basic hooks and then the Blitz players need to adapt to that.



If you get hooked as a Braum, you can always use your dash ability (Stand Behind Me) to get back to safety without losing any momentum. In fact, a Braum can use Blitz hook to position his own ultimate well. Whenever you get hooked, you’ll mostly get very much in range of their adcs. This allows for a juicy, 3 man 4 man knockup. Make sure to sneak in some autos for random stuns that disrupt team fights. Look to body block the hook when you know your adc won’t be able to escape. You as a tank can survive, your adc probably won’t.



You can start ult mid hook as it makes you cc immune and all Blitz damage will be nullified. In fact, you WANT to get hooked as an Alistar. Not much Blitz can do to you in terms of damage. If he does make the mistake of hooking you, look to run to his adc/ flash to him and headbutt him right into your team. If the Blitz has already used his hook on your Alistar and his ult, he really has no supportive skills left with which he can protect his adc.



Can’t hook an ulted Olaf. Olaf can wreck havoc on enemy Adc and Blitz can do pretty much nothing about it. Early game Blitz ult damage will hurt tho. Keep track of when he has used it.

Blitzcrank for players from other games

Tips for PC players


His ult does not remove shields as you might be used to in the PC version. He has a new passive in his ult that does magic damage over time after each auto. So chuck in some juicy autos after you upgrade your ult. Also the attack speed increase of Overdrive is more useful after level 5 now, just because of this.

As for the mechanic of hooking, you will have to know which are the moments where auto target will do trick and which ones you have to aim. Till then try to aim every hook. Don’t shy away from using the practice mode. Garen is notorious for evading skill shots. Practice your hook all you can on him.

Tips for MSW players


The hook and stun very similar to that of Groot. Ult is different, and as an effect he actually has more damage potential in team fights but much less cc. He is also less tanky than groot, given he doesn’t regen any health in bush, nor does the stun give him a shield. So play around your passive shield.

Tips for AOV players


Yes this one is for you, Grakk mains! There are a few differences to be pointed out. Blitz ult is like a high damage version of Grakk s1. So the juicy silence is now a precious resource. He has less cc than Grakk but more damage.

The main part, hook mechanic feels more or less the same. Flicker back and hook does not work just like with Grakk. All in all, he is slightly harder than Grak but not by that much. A few matches in and you will feel right at home.

The rotations are much different. You will also have much less vision to work with. Learn to constantly switch between wards and Oracle Lens at the right time so that you can give as many surprise hooks as possible.


Blitzcrank is a good beginner-friendly support with a good skill ceiling. He has a unique kit that allows him to stay relevant in most elos if played well.

Hope you enjoyed the guide! Got anything interesting you’d like to share - a guide, a piece of fan art or even a tip? You think there was something we missed in this guide? Got a query you’d like answered? If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, then connect with us on Discord!

Special Thanks

Many thanks to Evelin Turcsán for letting us use her amazing artwork as thumbnail for the guide.