Arena of Valor vs Wild Rift

Differences between Arena of Valor and League of Legends Wild Rift so that AoV players can get acquainted with the game more quickly.



Arena of Valor is an international adaptation of Honor of Kings, a moba developed by TiMi Studios and published by Tencent Games for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch for markets outside mainland China. Tencent is the parent company of Riot.

So neither is a “copy” of the other. The purpose of this article is not to decide which is the better game, but to point out the basic differences in the moba structure of the two games so that the AOV players who want to start Wild Rift can get acquainted more easily, or decide if Wild Rift is to their liking.

Last Hitting

You can leach a lot of gold in AoV by just being beside the objective. This is not true in LoL. The person who last hits gets all the gold from jungle camps. The minions give way less farm if you fail to last hit.

Last hitting in AoV does give more gold, but it is nothing compared to what we see in Wild Rift. The difference of gold and leached gold is vastly different if you don’t last hit.


If you miss a last hit on a minion you still get from 84 to 87 percent of the gold in AoV! Compare that to Wild Rift, you only get about 35-40 percent of the total gold. That is some insane amount of gold lost! Miss a seige minion and it will hurt a lot! Precise aiming of auto attack allows you to target minions better in Wild Rift.

This makes all the game very laning phase centric for all roles except junglers.


The high importance of last hitting makes rotations less frequent(except that of the jungler) and more calculated. You do not want to miss an entire wave just to get assistance for a kill that might not even come through. The next section covers rotations in more detail for each role.




In Arena of Valor, there is nothing like a “Duo lane” in the higher elos. The support roams most of the game and does not really stick with the mm. Most marksmen in AOV have a very fast wave clear and do not need baby sitting by the support during the laning phase. The rotations of the support in AoV are hence, vastly different to those in Wild Rift, where the duo lane phase is given a lot of importance.

Vision and map control also works differently in LoL. The introduction of wards, oracle lenses and river scutle ensures that the support role feels entirely unique in terms of rotation and ganks compared to any other mobile moba so far.

Support items

There are no support items in Wild Rift. As a support you cannot last hit minions or you would be stealing farm from your ADC. This puts you at the mercy of your mm to last hit and get gold. You cannot actively do anything to gain more gold directly, without the support of your team. From mid game you are grossly underfed as a support(3k behind your average team gold) even if you are snowballing. Hopefully, support items are introduced later in the game like they are in the PC version.

Actives can be found as enchantments on boots. There are special enchantments that are supportive in nature, give heal, shield, vision and so on. These items are not exclusive to supports like in AoV and are available to every character.



Last hitting is the name of the game for marksmen in Wild Rift early game. This is because you are not only doing this for yourself, but also your support. If you miss a single last hit, you and your support will get a measly 8-12 gold in lane. That’s a huge gold loss for two members on your team! Every last hit counts. You may not have faced this in AoV as the supports have support items to compensate for your mistakes in last hitting, and the percentage of gold lost is much much lower.

Rotations are also much more constricted that in AoV. Due to the vision gaps, you are much at the mercy of your support or rest of the team for rotations.

Apart from that, the games are similar given how positioning and all works. Positioning is the key in fights. All mm released thus far, scale hard into the late game, there are no early game mm like Fennik yet, most of them are weak early and scale into late game.

Also, don’t go about soloing dragons randomly or stealing jungle farm in a way that harms your jungler, coz you get less exp/gold from such objectives without smite, and your jungler gets less gold from your wave. You are hurting your own team doubly in a way they cannot recover. Completely avoid these things early game coz you are sure to miss lane farm. No side creep will increase your gold the way a juicy last hit on a cannon minion will. And guess what, your support and jungle will bless you for it.

Marksmen items

  • To your relief or horror, there is no equivalent item of Bow of Slaughter.
  • Blade of Eternity equivalent is called Guardian Angel. The item does not have a revive limit.
  • You can build Arctic Orb without hurting your build, because it’s an added active as an enchantment on a boot called Stasis Enchant.

Mid lane


A good pick in mid lane for AOV is usually decided not by the lane match up but by how fast a character can clear their wave. Their sole objective is to clear lane as fast as possible and rotate with their jungler and support.

In Wild Rift the lane plays out more like a DS lane, where rotations come second and trading and winning the lane comes as a priority. This is because last hitting is important and the wave clear is slower than it is in AOV.

So essentially, even some assassins go mid lane, not only mages.



There is a lot of truth in the fact that Arena of Valor is essentially a 1v1 between the junglers. It is the role with the highest carry potential in the game, with junglers boasting a 2-3k gold lead and a 2-3 level lead from mid game itself. One of the reasons for this is that there are no caps for gold they can get from minions. Junglers get gold not only from their jungle but also all lanes.

In Wild Rift there seem to be no such hyper carry roles. Jungler is essential for securing objectives and ganking but he can’t start one-shotting ad carries with their 4 level difference just from jungle farm. Junglers get reduced gold from minions. This ensures that laners stay in lane and junglers stay in the jungle if they want to get fed.

The Jungle paths are pretty standard in AoV, with minor variations. In Wild Rift, this is not the case, many junglers have unique paths. The playstyle is not only gank-oriented but jungle is also considered to be secondary support role sometimes. There are many champions in LoL that have support-oriented kits but they can still jungle well. For instance, Amumu has a single target stun, an Area of Effect stun and good tankiness, but goes jungle as a default role. So, the jungle pathing depends on the specific character more often than not.

Jungle items

No jungle items in the game so far, but equipping smite automatically gives you more from killing jungle monsters and less from minions.

Baron Lane/ Dragon Slayer lane


This is arguably the lane which has not changed majorly. Last hitting and winning trades are all important. Warding gives better immunity to ganks. DS laners might feel right at home in Baron Lane. Riot actively tried to keep it so that ranged champions are not played in the lane. Just recently Vayne was nerfed because she was becoming a nuisance in the Baron lane.

Instead of the Spirit Sentinel, we have the Rift Herald which spawns at the spot of Baron(Dark Slayer). Winning your lane will mean easy securing of the Rift Herald. You can spawn an NPC after securing the Rift Herald that takes down half the hp of the tower a single shot.

Game Time

AoV matches are designed to end in 10-15 minutes. They also nerfed the blade of eternity(or Ancestral Glory as it was called before) so that a character can only be revived twice in a match. AoV was always aiming for shorter match timings in general.


An average game in Wild Rift easily lasts 20 minutes or more. Albeit, this is way less than the PC version where matches last 40 minutes. The last hitting of waves and a larger map ensures that matches last longer. There is no cap on the revive item Guardian Angel.

This means game time in Wild Rift will be decidedly longer than most mobile mobas we are used to, let alone AoV.



The game lasts longer and the character abilities as an average have a higher cooldown. For example, Lumbar ult late game is merely 15-20 seconds while Braum ult is a solid 70s.

Surprisingly, despite all this, the game does not feel slow placed. The last hitting mechanic enures there is always some skirmish going on somewhere. The pacing feels just right for Wild Rift. Although arguably slower than AoV, it is intentionally so. The pacing does not hamper the experience of the game in any way.

Solo Carry Potential


Wild Rift has much less solo carry potential than AoV. The emphasis seems to be on the fact that this is a team game and you need a team to win it. A single bad apple in your team can ruin your entire game. A single afk more or less means it is over. In AoV you always have hope that you can potentially turn the tides even with afk. You cannot solo the Baron like half the junglers in AoV can. I tried many iterations of this in practice mode, but it simply seems to be impossible to solo the Baron. You need the help of your team mates, and if you have any experience of the solo queue, you already know what this means. Much less objective control if your team mates do not follow the right calls.

In the future we might be seeing many five person teams because of exactly this reason. Even trio carry is seemingly difficult at this stage.

This of course does not mean you can’t play solo, but at this point in the game, it seems more like a coin-flip. The matchmaking seems a bit off. Riot has acknowledged the matchmaking issue and is working to fix it.


Ezreal Looking at a second round of nerfs for Ezreal

AoV seems to have a history of releasing broken champions but it usually balances out the heroes in some patches. Wild Rift does not seem completely balanced, but it is still the Beta and they are actively fixing champs every two weeks. The most OP ones have already been nerfed as we saw in the recent patches, and they’ve promised patches every two weeks. I think it might be too early to talk about balance as all the heroes aren’t even released yet.

Also, only about 50 heroes have been released in Wild Rift, while AoV has over 95. Over 40 more heroes are rumored to be released in the coming weeks in Wild Rift. It might be too soon to talk about balance compared to other games yet.

Targetting system


The targeting system is different from other mobas we have played. The auto-target is different, and manual targetting is more precise to the point you can select which minion you want to target. There is a different “Target locking” system that allows you to latch onto one target while attacking. It is overall a mix of what we have seen in AoV with more precision. Many players have complained about the auto-target tho, It seems to be uncomfortable for some AoV players.

Final thoughts

Wild Rift is still in the Beta stages, and much of this might change. So far from what I have seen, Wild Rift seems like a completely different and unique game compared to the mobas I have played on mobile, while still having some similarities.

Any other changes you noticed between the games? Let me know!

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