Everything about Baron Nashor in League of Legends Wild Rift

Steal every Baron! Here are some tips about Baron Nashor that Wild Rift does not inform you of in the tutorials or hints.

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Baron Nashor is one of the most important objectives in League of Legends Wild Rift. The buff it gives your entire team is called the “Hand of Baron”. This is so potent at closing down games that Riot had to nerf it a couple of patches ago. It buffs the minions to be tanky and damage heavy, making the tower-taking process an absolute breeze. If you aren’t new to the Wild Rift community you must already have seen 100s of compilations of “Baron steals” and maybe faced some yourself.

basics Official in-game Baron guide.

Here are some tips about Baron Nashor that the game does not inform you of in the tutorials or hints. These are really important things everyone SHOULD know regardless of the role they main.


Let’s start with the easier ones first.

The champion closest to Baron tanks it

Baron Nashor Artwork by Dave Wolf.

This will be an obvious one to most jungle or support mains, but I see some players even in higher elo unaware of this. So if you are a relatively tanky champion or a lifestealer, you should be the one closest to it. On the other hand if you are a squishy, stay as far away from Baron as possible while dealing damage. If your team mate is low on health and about to die, you should move closer to Baron than he/she is.

This will be referred to as “tanking” Baron in this guide.

Does standing behind Baron do more damage?

Baron teo Artwork by Teonarey Catuday.

I have heard a lot of people say this, but it’s a myth. Standing behind Baron does no extra damage to you if you aren’t the one closest to it. But what if I am the one closest to it? You might ask. I tested it out and found a few interesting things. Skip to this section to know more about this.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I want you to look at Baron as a champion with abilities, that cannot move. This will make the following sections easier to understand.

Baron Nashor Abilities in Wild Rift

Amanda Chau Baron Artwork by Amanda Chau.

Baron pit/ passive

Regardless of where you are standing on Baron Pit, as long as you are standing inside the pit and Baron is attacking someone, everyone in the area will take a set amount of magic damage. Those outside the area do not take any damage whatsoever even if they are consistently attacking it.

Baron is immune to any form of crowd control.

When you tank Baron from the front

Basic attacks

Baron targets the person closest to it after it is damaged by any source, doesn’t matter if it’s an enemy or an ally. All its abilities trigger after a set amount of basic attacks. And Baron applies a debuff called “Baron’s Gaze”. It reduces all the damage dealt by a champion by a percentage.


Each attack reduces targets Armor and Magic Resistance.

Armor Before eating the Baron’s basic attacks and after the cap reached.

More about the armor reduction

  • Healthy baron reduces 2 Armor and MR per basic attacks.
  • His abilities from the back does not trigger the Armor reduction.
  • Low health Baron actually only reduces your Armor and MR by 1 per basic attack.
  • It keeps reducing armor till you are 50 Armor down and 50 MR down. Doesn’t matter the champion or build, it reduces the armor by a flat 50 after which he stops reducing the Armor. If you have less than 50 MR it reaches 0 eventually.
  • The effect stays for some seconds after you stop taking damage from Baron. This is important to note as if any team fight breaks out, you will literally be one armor item down in comparison to your enemies.
  • The extra damage you take from the Baron isn’t much at all especially if you are a tank. But it is important to keep this effect in mind as if a team fight breaks out, everything will hurt that much more.

Hence, it is not Baron that is damaging you more, it’s that your defenses are getting weaker.

Acid Pool

This is the ability it uses instantly after you anger Baron from the front. Three green pools open up in the ground that activate after a certain time and deal magic damage and slow. It is fairly easy to dodge these as purple circles appear to foreshadow the pools.

Tentacle Knockup

It is an Area of Effect knock up that is targetted at the champion tanking Baron. This can also be dodged.

Acid Shot

Baron spits acid into the air which is targetted at all the champions in Baron pit. This is the ability that deals the highest damage and you definitely want to avoid it especially if you are doing an early Baron. It takes down half the health of an average squishy. Good news is, with right timing this is avoidable. There’s a sizable delay between the animation of him spitting and when the spit actually coming on the ground, giving you ample warning to use your dashes or mobility. Again, purple circles warn you of where the next acid shot is going to drop.

When you tank Baron from behind

Baron doesn’t like to be attacked from behind. He has an entirely seperate set of skills for dealing with aggressors that want to tank Baron from the back. Just standing behind Baron does not trigger these abilities. You have to tank it in order for these to pop off.

Basic attacks(back)

Baron does Area of Effect attacks that resemble Evelynn’s hate spikes It does not do extra damage, but reduces armor which makes his abilities deal more damage to you indirectly. These attacks applies gaze as well. But the autoattacks are aoe, meaning all the people standing behind will be inflicted with reduced armor and MR. If a team fight does break out it will not be good news coz your entire team will be a tank item down compared to the enemy.

Area of Effect stun

Summons Area of effect spikes that stun everyone at the back of the Baron pit for one second. Can be avoided by moving to the front.

Tentacle Knockup (back)

It is another knock up that is targeted at the champion tanking Baron. This can also be dodged. More or less same as the one from the front.

Baron being one of the most important objectives in the game is no overstatement. Here are some tips to stealing Baron and avoid it from getting stolen.

Stealing Baron

Yasuo Artwork by Felipe Uribe.


This does a flat 1000 damage and you can outsmite your enemies if you time it right. You can use smite when under crowd control. This is a part of jungler’s skill to learn to out-smite the enemy more times than naught. It is a difficult thing to do as it has to be timed absolutely perfectly. Go in too early, you will get out smited, Go in too late, you have given them not only an objective but also a free kill. Remember the enemy jungler is just as afraid of getting out-smited as you are.

There are abilities in the game that deal more damage than smite.

Ziggs ultimate

Ziggs chomps Baron for over 1500 damage if you hit Baron with the exact center of your Nuke(full build-default). This makes him one of the best characters to steal Baron. Good part about Ziggs ult is that it cannot be cancelled or blocked. Once it has locked on, it will hit regardless of the situation, no ability in the game can negate it. This makes Ziggs one of the best objective stealers late game.


Jinx does an unreal 1600 dmg on maxed out default build when Baron is below 35 percent health. But remember the rocket passes through Baron if you miss the enemies. Her ult can be blocked by Yasuo’s Windwall and Braum’s shield.

These numbers can be buffed or reduced depending on the situation, or if you have the infernal dragon, or if the support has buffed your damage and so on.



His ult does about 900 dmg, while his first skill does more than a 1000 if fully charged. His entire combo if pulled off perfectly does way more damage than 1k especially if he has smite.


This is the scariest one in the list. Look at her just casually deleting a whopping 3600 HP off the Baron with just one basic combo(one hate spike+smite+ult)!

So even if Baron is at 3000, you can just smite ult and flash back to safety, go invisible do whatever things Evelynn loves doing. That is just ridiculous. NO steal damage in the game comes close. If you do not want your Baron stolen, make sure she is either on the opposite side of the map or better yet, dead.

Honorable mentions

Lux Artwork by Viviane Matsukuma.


On the default build, Lux deals about 900 damage to Baron, which is sizable if anyone missed a smite. With some tweaks to her default build or a small damage buff she can deal over a 1000 damage and outshine smite.


Ezreal ult does about 800-900 dmg at full build and full Manamune stacks. But if you build him full mage this can ramp upto 1200+ dmg. That’s more than smite. Although the ability is harder to hit as it’s slow, and lets be real, almost no one really plays AP Ezreal.


Graves ultimate falls just a little short of 1000 dmg from range but he can use his smoke so that the enemy jungler is blinded. This makes stealing Baron way easier coz the enemy jungler can’t use his smite for a few seconds.


With his forth shot Jhin does about 1400-1500 damage to the baron. Although it is easy to see his shots coming, and anyone can bodyblock it with ease.


If you have more than a 1000 stack Siphoning Strike, you can deal more than 1000 dmg to Baron. Although it won’t be easy and the enemies might have a cc chain ready for you, making it difficult to hit your ability. Considering how hard it is to get to a 1000 stacks in Wild Rift and how hard it is for Nasus to just barge in and Steal, makes it so this rarely ever happens, if not never.

How to avoid Baron from getting stolen.

Baron steal Artwork by Evelyne.

Getting Baron stolen is one of the most disheartening and moral breaking things that can happen to a team. To avoid this you can take a couple of steps.

  • The game already tells you this, avoid taking it when a lot of enemies are alive especially in solo queue, more times than naught it won’t turn out well, you will either lose Baron or give your enemies free kills.
  • If there is someone like an Evelynn, Jinx or Ziggs, kill them first. You do not want a snowball to be destroyed by her ult dealing way over 1000 dmg leaving your entire team tilted. Just as a rule you can risk a Baron if jungler is dead.
  • When you anger Baron from the front he starts with Acid pool if you anger him from behind, he starts with his AoE stun. Both are avoidable.

jinx Artwork by David Pan.

  • Shield abilities like Baron’s shield and Yasuo’s Windwall can be used to block long range snipes from Jinx, Ashe and Yasuo. Lux Gragas and Ziggs ult cannot be blocked.
  • While body blocking certain abilities is a good idea for tanks(and as we have seen, does not actually do any extra damage to you as long as you arent closest to it), you do not want to body block a Jinx snipe. In fact try to dodge it so it passes through Baron.

Alistar Artwork by Shawn Lee.

  • Alistar is one of the only champions that can push the enemy jungler away from Baron pit when he comes to smite it. Usual cc like Braum ult cannot stop enemy jungler from smiting once he is in pit, but Alistar throws enemy out of the range, or the pit entirely. One of the best ways to scuff the enemy.
  • Janna cannot throw an enemy over the wall with her ult. So if you use Janna ult to scuff a jungler who jumped on a pit it wont really matter, coz he/she can still smite it.
  • Use the tantrum tomato behind Baron so that enemies can’t use it to jump on Baron and actually have to use her flashes and dashes to get in the pit.
  • Use the sweeper in the last 10 seconds of taking Baron. That was the enemy wards will be blocked from gaining vision and won’t be able to rightly predict when they have to use their snipes.
  • Fake it. If the enemy has a sniper threat, just stop doing Baron for a few seconds after you have made sure they don’t have vision. That way their mental dps timers will be way off Baron’s actual HP. This is one of the best ways to counter a Ziggs ult.
  • All these heavy global burst abilities have large cooldowns. Keep them in mind if you want to do Baron safely.
  • Keep your own burst abilities ready. When it’s at those final bars, use all your burst before smiting.

Shyvanna Artwork by Adrien Gonzalez.

  • Try not to solo Baron. You might be a full item Shyvanna or Olaf, but avoid it.
  • Send one member to Split push if you are in a strong spot. That way many resources would have to be spent on him to save the inhibitor turrets. If he isn’t stopped he will get an inhib turret, which is the main point of taking a Baron anyway. Sometimes if the enemy jungler is ignorant, he might even go to stop him resulting in a free baron for your team.


Ziggs Artwork by Geraud Soulie.

Go steal some Barons and Dragons with Ziggs now.

That’s all for now, folks!

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