League of Legends Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.1b breakdown

Leona, Diana and Pantheon finally join Wild Rift! Some champion buffs and nerfs including Aurelion Sol, Ziggs and Yasuo.


Leona, Diana and Pantheon are finally here! Aurelion Sol and Yasuo see a nerf while Soraka, Tristana and Ziggs get buffs. Some system changes as well to influence the flow of the game.


New Champions


Leona Wild Rift

A versatile tank warrior that can absorb a lot of damage for the team while providing cc and decent damage in team fights. In the PC version she has a lot of tankiness and sustain and is a force to be reckoned with.



A mid lane warrior mage with a high skill cap kit and a lot of burst.


Enjoy the Pantheon theme song while reading the patch notes!

A very versatile champion who can play, baron, mid, jungle and even support. Panthon has more or less a global presence with his ult, that teleports him halfway across the map. His shield negates damage from one direction. On Wild Rift it is predicted he will be fairly easy to learn.


Barbecue Leona


Dark Valkyrie Diana

Dark Valkyrie Diana

Full Metal Pantheon

Full Metal Pantheon

Dragonslayer Pantheon

Dragonslayer Pantheon

Infernal Diana

Infernal Diana











Buffs and Nerfs

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol nerf Wild Rift

Passive: Center of the Universe

Star base damage: 18/26/34/42/50/58/66/74/82/90/98/106/114/122/130 → 15/21/27/33/40/47/54/61/70/79/88/97/108/119/130

Skill 2: Celestial Expansion

Base damage: 25/35/45/55/65/75/85/95/105/115/125/135/145/165 → 25/32/39/46/54/62/70/78/89/100/111/122/138/154/170

Ultimate: Voice of Light

Cooldown: 65/55/45s → 80/65/50s

Let’s address the dragon in the room first. No tier list contested his place as an S tier mage(if not S+). His entire kit has been nerfed more or less since his release. Some patches ago his mobility was visibly nerfed. Now the base damage of his passive takes a hit in the early and mid game. There is a very slight buff to the Celestial Expansion damage in the late game. The ult cooldown has been increased by a lot.


He probably won’t be S tier anymore because of the conqueror nerfs but still be a solid A tier.


Soraka Artwork by tospeed

(2) Astral Infusion

Base heal: 80/110/140/170 HP → 80/120/160/200 HP

(3) Equinox

Cooldown: 22/20/18/16s → 20/18/16/14s

Astral Infusion is one of her core abilities and now that has seen a very healthy buff. She was in the last spot in almost every tier list. Even non support champs had started outshining her in the support role. Hopefully this will be a healthy patch for her. Her tier won’t really rise very high, nor will she be picked a lot in the solo queue, because of all the Katarinas running wild applying Grievous Wounds to each and every soul living and breathing.

Regardless, this is a push in the right direction. I am personally looking forward to playing a semi-tank build Soraka (She’s free next week or those who want to try the same).



Base Stats

Base mana per level: 33 → 41
    Mana @ level 15: 762 → 874

Skill 2: Rocket Jump

Slow duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5s → 1.5/2/2.5/3s

Despite the buffs in the older patches she still doesn’t feel upto the mark. One of the reasons being her base attack speed seems ridiculously low early game. Regardless, I really like her playing mid lane. And these mana buffs will certainly make Tristana mid even stronger. A slight buff to her slow as well.

These changes won’t make her S tier, Kaisa, Jinx and Xayah will rule that spot, but again, this is a good push in the right direction.



Base Stats

Base armor: 40 → 35
Base health: 650 → 570

Skill 3: Sweeping Blade

Dash Speed: 1200 + Movement Speed → 900 + Movement Speed

He just wouldn’t die last patch. Phantom dancer, passive shield, he just seemed a major pain to deal with. His passive seemed to fill up too fast, and his HP seemed to much especially late game, especially since one of his crits could reduce your HP to half.


Ziggs Artwork by Geraud Soulie.

Skill 2: Satchel Charge

Tower destroy threshold: 25/30/35/40% tower HP → 20/25/30/35% tower HP

Ultimate: Mega Inferno Bomb

Outer AoE size radius: 4 → 5
Inner AoE size radius: 2 → 2.5

Good to know that I wasn’t missing Ziggs ult because of my noobness but because it was too small. I embrance this change.

This may seem like a small buff but it’s a huge one. To put this into perspective, before the area of his Nuke was pi x 16. Now it’s 25 x pi. That’s a 56.25% area increase!

Nuke The inner radius is buffed by the same percentage as well.

Also, the Satchel Charge is not much of a nerf for solo queue especially. Your auto does in half the tower’s HP late game. If you just auto attacked an already damaged tower, it would go way less than 40 percent. This was so insane, most Ziggs players didn’t even max the ability till late game. This will atleast give players incentive to max it.

Good thing to note is that the towers gained a lot of resistence to backdooring. Ziggs is a champion that ignores these resistances because he does percentage damage to towers. So he will still one shot towers and backdoor like a boss, perhaps better than every other champion now. This puts him in a solid spot.


Locket Enchant

Price: 500g → 800g
Shield Amount: 140 to 420 (120 + Level × 20) → 70 to 420 (45 + Level × 25)

All the builds with first item Locket have to be changed now. Maybe some supports will give Redeeming Enchant a shot.



AP per stack: 4 to 12 (based on champ level) → 3 to 9 (based on champ level)
Maximum stack Adaptive Damage bonus: 10% on ranged champions → 7% on ranged champions

This was much awaited. It seemed to outperform Electrocute on many champions. Mainly nerfs the ranged champs that used to abuse it like Orianna and Aurelion Sol. A very slight nerf to champs like Katarina as well.


Backdoor Bonus

“Backdoor bonus” tower damage reduction: 66%, then 33% at 18 minutes → 66% through the whole game

Backdoor bonus means the resistences a tower has without the minion wave. Towers have 66 percent damage reduction, that’s the reason towers are so hard to kill without the waves. This resistence will be consistent even after 18 minute mark now, making backdoors harder.

Lane Swaps

Before patch 2.1b

During the first 3 minutes, all outer turrets gain 50 bonus Armor/Magic Resist
During the first 3 minutes, turrets gain additional defensive bonuses when multiple enemies are nearby:
    3 champions in total: 40 Armor/Magic Resist
    4 champions in total: 80 Armor/Magic Resist
    5 champions in total: 120 Armor/Magic Resist

Patch 2.1b changes

During the first 3 minutes:
    Solo (Baron) lane outer turret gains 90 bonus Armor/Magic Resist
    Mid lane outer turret gains 90 bonus Armor/Magic Resist
    Duo (Dragon) lane outer turret gains 40 bonus Armor/Magic Resist
During the first 3 minutes, turrets gain additional defensive bonuses when multiple enemies are nearby:
    2 champions in total: 10 Armor/Magic Resist
    3 champions in total: 100 Armor/Magic Resist
    4 champions in total: 200 Armor/Magic Resist
    5 champions in total: 300 Armor/Magic Resist

This does not change the solo queue play style much at all. This was mainly to avoid any towers being taken before the 3 minute mark and avoid the large amount of lane swaps in competitive. In solo-queue most people stay in their respective lanes so no differnece for us.


Improvement to chat evaluation system and adding of more languages. Hopefully reporting will result in penalities in the future.


Date Easy Medium Hard
Mar 18 - Mar 24 Malphite, Nami, Shyvanna, Soraka Darius, Graves, Varus, Corki Ziggs, Katarina
Mar 25 - Mar 31 Jarvan, Jax, Sona, Xin Zhao Wukong, Rakan, Xayah Draven, Zed, Akali

Rundown Video

Here are the Patch Notes from the Gaming Alien himself. Many thanks to Shurkou for letting us embed his video on here.

Final Thoughts

Really excited for Leona, Diana and Pantheon! The event will start soon and you will be able to redeem one of the three champs. I am gonna redeem Leona. Save up some blue emotes for the other two champs if you are interested in buying them as well.

No Akali nerf? I don’t feel that the Conqueror Orianna nerf is enough either. Good that we saw a Yasuo nerf. Glad to see the Soraka and Tristana buffs tho. These champs needed a good boost.

Goodluck on the Rift, friend!

Have anything you would like to add? Let us know what you think about these changes!

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