Summoner Spells In League Of Legends Wild Rift For Arena Of Valor Players

A summoner spells guide tailor-made for AoV players.

Updated for patch 2.2.

Summoner Spells

These are the same as talents from AOV. They are universal, meaning you can equip any of them on any champion of your choosing. Equip the spells that best suit both your champion and play-style. The difference is, you can only choose two summoner spells at the start of each round. There are certain items that help in reducing cooldowns of these.




Cooldown: 120s

Restore 80 − 360 (based on level) health and grants 30% bonus movement speed for 1 second to you and the most wounded nearby ally champion (120 second cooldown). Healing is halved for champions recently affected by Heal.

This is similar to Heal from AoV with the difference being it only affects one ally and not everyone in range. Also Heal in LoL WR does not scale with maximum percentage hp like in AOV and has a higher cooldown.

This is one of the few support spells that assist not only you but also your ally. It combos well with most supports as it can deal some good amount of healing on your squishy carry and save him from a life and death scenario with the increased mobility. Too many Heals on one team do not stack well. Avoid using it when a grievous wound is in effect unless it’s absolutely necessary, as the healing from this spell would be halved.



Cooldown: 120s

Gain a shield that absorbs 115 − 465 (based on level) damage for 2 seconds.

At first glance it might seem similar to heal but it varies. It is not of the same supportive nature as Heal, Allies do not gain a shield. But it is supportive in a sense that you can tank more for the team. Along with that, grievous wounds or other heal inhibiting abilities do not affect this. The shield only lasts for two seconds so it must be times well with the incoming burst and most incoming damage can be avoided that way. It must also be noted that the cooldown is much lower than that of Heal.



Cooldown: 105s.

Exhausts target enemy champion, reducing their movement speed by 20% and their damage dealt by 40% for 2.5 seconds (105 second cooldown).

If used on the right opponent, it can cause devastating effects. Reducing the damage of the enemy carry by nearly half can prove to be invaluable.



Cooldown: 150s

Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction.

One of the most useful and highest picked spells. It can combo well with various champion skills, can be used as an escape or a gap closer. It is both defensive and offensive in nature. Flash has the highest cooldown of any spell and rightly so. It can be invaluable to secure a kill or finish a combo, but if you are a beginner it is strongly advised that you save this as an escape skill. Not knowing what the enemy might have saved up for you might leave you without an escape if you expend it too early or to gap close. It can also be used to dodge major skill shots.

AOV players should remember that this ability has a 150 second cooldown unlike the usual 120s they are used to. This means that Flash is a more expensive ability than Flicker.



Cooldown: 90s

Gain a large burst of movement speed that decays to 25% bonus movement speed for 8 seconds. With each takedown, Ghost’s duration is extended by 6 seconds, refreshing its effects upto the original amount.

Another ability that can be used to gap close or escape. The major difference being, Ghost doesn’t teleport you across terrain. It also has much less cooldown than that of Flash and can cover a larger distance over 6 seconds than with flash.



Cooldown: 90s

Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 60 − 410 (based on level) true damage over 5 seconds and inflicting them with Grievous Wounds icon Grievous Wounds, reducing healing effects by 50%.

Might seem like this is execute at first glance but it’s not. Execute deals true damage based on percentage hp, while this deals damage overtime like maganga’s 5 stack passive but true damage and healing reduction.

This spell deals true damage, meaning it ignores the defenses of the opponent. Grievous wounds reduces any and all healing the opponent receives. Ignite can also serve to deal the finishing blow to an enemy that is just out of your range and escaping.



Cooldown: 10s

Deal 440 − 1000 (based on level) true damage to a large or epic monster or minion (10 second cooldown). Smiting monsters restore 70 (+ 10% maximum health) health. Slaying 4 large monsters upgrades Smite to Chilling Smite or Challenging Smite which can target enemy champions. Hunting License: Permanently earn 20% bonus experience from jungle monsters but temporarily earn 20% less.

This is a must for junglers. Wild Rift does not have jungle items like AoV, so this is the spell that announces that you will be farming in the jungle. It is highly recommended that you don’t build this on any laners because any gold you receive from minions is reduced by a huge amount. If you are a jungler, save it to last hit major objectives because it the highest burst ability you will have early game.

Actual cooldown: This ability has 2 stacks. Both stacks take 35 seconds to fill each. The stacks cannot be used simultaneously but with a 10 second cooldown between the two.

This makes timing punish much more strategy and time reliant than it is in AoV. Also AOV junglers must realise last hitting waves grants them lesser gold. So leaching the lane farm is not in their favor unless to defend the towers. This is designed so that junglers stay in the jungle and laners stay in the lane. The person holding smite also does more damage to major objectives, so just equipping this ability automatically holds you responsible for initiating/helping major objectives on the map.

Spell Differences

Note: These spell differences are made in comparison to spells in League of Legends.

There is no direct translation of Peurify, Daze , Disrupt and Roar. But some of these effects can be found in LoL WR on items giving actives like boots.