The 5 Minute Items Guide For Wild Rift

A beginner friendly items guide for Wild Rift. Whether you are coming from AoV or PC League, this is the only items guide you'll need.

What are items?

Items are enhancements that can be bought for your character while in match. A champion can equip six items at the most in one game of Wild Rift. Items can only be bought at the Spawning platform(Also known as Spawn or Fountain). The items greatly affect the outcome of match and are a vital part of every match in Wild Rift. You can also sell items at a percentage of their original cost at the Spawning Platform.

Fountain Spawning Platform in Wild Rift where items can be bought

Each Item has unique stats, effects while some even have active buttons.


Types of items

There are four types of items in Wild Rift.

physical These usually increase statistics like attack damage, attack speed or critical strike chance. They go well with heroes that deal Attack Damage. Hence, they are also referred to as AD items or Attack Damage items.

magic These usually increase statistics like ability power, mana or cooldown reduction. They go well with heroes that have deal magic damage. Hence, they are also referred to as AP items or Ability Power items.

defense These usually increase statistics like health points(HP), armor or magic resistance. They go well with heroes that have need survivability.

boots These increase movement speed. They can provide a variety of special statistics. In Wild Rift special enchantments can be added on to boots that give special actives.

List of all Boots and enchantments in Wild Rift so far.


Items are divided into three tiers. There are three tiers, basic, mid and upgraded. In short, upgraded items are the strongest and everyone is trying to get their upgraded items. But of course, they are very expensive and you won’t always have gold enough to buy them. So depending on the gold you have at a given time, you can choose to buy mid tier or basic items. These provide some part of enchantments that the upgraded items provide at no extra cost.

Let’s take the example of a physical item Bloodthirster (3400 gold).


Assume you want to build this item but you have only 1500 Gold. In this case you buy a mid tier item that makes Bloodthirster. Look at it’s tree and you’ll see it’s either B.F Sword or Vampiric Sceptre. Both of them do not have all statistics of Bloodthirster, but a part of it. Now if you want to buy Bloodthirster, the cost of these mid tier items will be cut from the original cost of Bloodthirster.


Let’s say you only have 500 gold. You can buy a basic item. The Long sword (500 gold) gives you +12 AD and the cost of the item will be subtracted from the mid tier item if you proceed to buy it. Long Sword can build into both Vampiric Scepter and B.F. Sword.


Don’t worry, you won’t have to remember these item trees for they are always available in shop. Just know which upgraded item you want and set it in your pe set build. If you want an item not available in your preset build, you can “Pre-Order” it in the shop, and the cost calculations will be made for you. Based on your gold you will have the best deal available.

Don’t get overwhelmed!

If you are a beginner all this might be confusing you a bit. Do no worry, most preset builds for your characters are decent. You might start getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of items. don’t let this intimidate you.

Alistar_MooCow Start with Boots!

There is a basic item called Boots of speed, which all heroes buy as soon as they have sufficient gold. Boots of speed have an active, Sprint. Now you will upgrade these boots into one of 5 other boots.

If you are an ADC, pre order Gluttonous Greaves, they give AD stats. If enemy has a lot of magic damage heroes go with Mercury’s Treads. If enemy has physical damage heroes, pre order Ninja Tabi.

There you go! You are already on your way to not only understanding item trees but also counter building against enemy champions.



Enchantment protobelt in action.

You can upgrade your boots with a special class of items called enchantments. These enchantments all provide certain types on actives that are similar to hero abilities or summoner spells. Think of it as an option of having an extra ability that you choose to give your hero.


There are two trinkets in Wild Rift. You get 2 charges of warding totem at the start of the game which can be swapped for Oracle Lens later. In short, Warding trinket give you vision and Oracle Lens allows you to spot the wards so that you can destroy thems

Warding Totem: Consume a charge to place an invisible Totem Ward at the target location, which reveals the surrounding area for a certain time.

Oracle Lens


Oracle Lens can spot enemy wards.

Summons a Sweeper Drone that escorts you for the next 10 seconds that allows you to see enemy wards.


  • Stats: Direct buff to champion’s statistics.
  • Active effects: These need to be manually triggered like hero abilities or summoner spells. They are temporary and are triggered by tapping on the active icon on the screen. Active effects have cooldowns.
  • Passive effects: These are constantly active as soon as you buy the items and are permanent and you do not need to manually trigger them.
  • Unique effects: These are the effects that do not stack. If you buy the an item twice, the unique effect stats wont add up. For instance let’s say an item gives you 500 HP as a unique passive. If you buy two of these items you will still only have a 1000HP. This is the reason that buying a variety of items is generally recommended.

    A note for PC players


Not all items or even types of items from the PC version are present in the wild rift. There are no jungle items or support items in the game so far. Some stats are different and optimized for the mobile version. There are some artwork changes that have been made as well. Although there are two trinkets, there are no tier 3 trinkets. Consumables are absent. Some of the Summoner Spells in PC version are present as Boots enchantments in Wild Rift.

You will get easily used to most of the items very quickly if you have experience on PC. As this is just the beta, we might see other special jungle and support items.

A note for AOV players

The item tree, buying and selling system is something that you are already used to. Only thing you need to keep in mind while playing is that you cannot buy the item outside of Life Fountain. You need to time your recalls in a way you don’t lose a lot of wave gold or towers. Some Solo Laners in AOV are not even in the habit of recalling when snowballing. Do remember, when you kill an enemy he/she will instantly get his items from shop. Despite you having more gold if you haven’t recalled, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

Place a ward at the start of the match. Don’t place wards inside towers as towers have true vision. Enemies will be able to easily destroy them once they spot it. But jungle, buffs, baron, dragon is all free reign. You need to get in the habit of placing wards and switching between them and Oracle Lens as and when needed.