Ultimate Alistar guide for League of Legends Wild Rift

Learn how to be an unkillable juggernaut in every team fight with Alistar as tank support.

Thumbnail Artwork by Shawn Lee

Table of Contents

Why play Alistar?

Alistar is a tanky support who excels at setting up teamfight for his team with his long range AOE cc. If you love being the center of every major team fight eating all the hard damage enemy deals and still surviving, Alistar is the Champion for you. As is the issue with tank supports, in lane he can get bullied by ranged supports, but of course there are ways to work around that. He can set up roams and ganks easily with his cc, or defend allies from assassins. This means he essentially never falls off at any point in the game and is always useful for his team regardless of level or farm.


  • One of the tankiest champions on the rift with his ult active. Hence if timed right, can quickly turn the tide of team fights.
  • High cc, hence a huge threat for out of position enemies.
  • Decent sustain
  • Easy to learn. So if you are a beginner learning support you can concentrate more on the macro of the game as most of his skills do not require aiming. This in turn gives you time to learn positioning, rotations and so on.
  • Good engage potential
  • Decent tower damage for a support.



  • He can set up kills for the team but if there is no follow up, it makes the engage useless.
  • Requires synergy among players.
  • Wrong engages can easily lose you the game. The ult does provide good escape potential if used right.
  • Does not always do well against ranged supports and gets easily kited. Of course with experience you can play around this.
  • A sitting duck without abilities.

Builds, Runes and Spells for Alistar

Flash Ignite Exhaust
Flash: Essential for a lot of his combos. Highly recommended in every game. Ignite: He is good at setting up kills. This means ignite works well with him, giving that extra damage and heal reduction that can secure the kill for the team. Exhaust: Alternate to Ignite when there are major assassin threats in the enemy. As a support, more utility in your belt, the better.


Passive: Triumphant Roar

When Alistar takes damage, he heals himself for 20 HP and nearby allied champions for 40 HP. Knocking up or stunning champions with Alistar’s abilities reduces the cooldown by 8 seconds.

The blue bar below the mana bar tells us if the passive is up. It is good to have this off cooldown when engaging a major team fight. If a team fight goes on for long, it might proc more than once. Although the healing is not too much, it helps slightly in his bad laning phase.


Deals 60 magic damage (60+50% magic damage) to nearby enemies and knocks them up for 1 second(s).

Level 1 2 3 4
Cooldown 15 13.5 12 10.5
Cost 65 70 75 80
Base Damage 60 120 180 240

Enemies can escape this melee range knockup if they move out of the area in cast time. This makes it hard to hit in the open. Works best from the bush or with a combo of Headbutt or flicker.


Dashes toward an enemy, dealing 55 magic damage (55+60% Magic Damage) and knocking them back. May target turrets to deal 150% bonus damage.

Level 1 2 3 4
Cooldown 13 12 11 10
Cost 65 70 75 80
Base Damage 55 130 205 280

As this is a ranged knockback ability, it works best with the headbutt pulverise combo. It can also be used to escape enemy fire. Do remember, use this ability carefully coz it can throw easy targets into safety. Might be one of the easiest ways to get reported. Use it to throw out of position targets into the team or ally towers. Push assassins away from your adcs. You can use this ability to jump to an enemy on the other side of the wall as well. This can be targeted on minions as well, as a means to cut distance.


Deals 100 Magic damage (100+40% Magic Damage) to nearby enemies over 5 seconds. If Trample damages and enemy champions 5 time, Alistar’s next attack within 5 seconds is empowered to deal an additional 40 Magic damage and stun for 1 second.

Level 1 2 3 4
Cooldown 11.5 11 10.5 10
Cost 50 60 70 80
Base Damage 100 150 200 250

This is the highest dmg skill in his kit. It is important because of the stun auto it gives after the skill completion. A golden chain animation is visible which indicates that the next auto will be a stun. The chain breaks once Alistar uses the auto on the enemy. This stun is great for setting up chain crowd control(Pulverize/headbutt).

Unbreakable Will

Removes crowd control effects and gain 55-75% damage reduction for 7 seconds.

Level 1 2 3
Cooldown 90 75 60

Time this skill well, as 75% dmg reduction is huge! You can tank the entire teams skill shots and still survive.

How to win with Alistar


There is a small support trick that can help you win the early engages. Don’t max any ability at level 1. Sit on it for a while and then depending on the situation and the map either max pulverize or headbutt. If someone on the enemy jumps on your team max pulverize instantly. If you find yourself invading or in an unfavorable spot, max headbutt to either push away the threat and flicker to safety. Usually, maxing pulverize is generally better for most early game engages.

As soon as you hit level 2, You can start going for proper engages with your pulverize-headbutt combo. At level 3 you become a stun bot basically. Your ult at level 5 makes team fights easier, and elevates a lot of pressure of going all into the team fights without the fear of dying prematurely. As a tank you are one of the biggest threats in the team fight, a perma CC bot with unkillability in his kit is something no one wants to deal with.

In the laning phase you basically have to babysit your mm. Alistar essentially has an all in engage and about fifteen hundred stuns but nearly no damage or sustain. Without your ult, you cannot sustain poke supports or mages easily. So remember to not take engages you cannot win. Alistar can set up kills, but the rest depends on his team. Engage if you are sure your ADC will follow up. Engaging all in when your team can’t follow up is just giving the enemy free gold, for beyond your Headbutt you have no mobility moves.

If your team is winning

If you see anyone out of position, you can make their lives a whole lot worse with a good flicker headbutt right into your team. Given your team is ahead, look for such plays, that might be high risk- high reward. Rotate to the mid or with your jungler at opportune moments(once you have bot tower), displace their mid laner into the tower, maybe secure a few objectives and return with your mid laner to assist your bot again. Deny the enemy team any farm. If you have more gold than the enemy, it is going to be insanely difficult for them to even engage you if you have ult on. Dive their towers with your team, and push enemies into your team, and it becomes a steady snowball.



Vision is the name of the game for tanks. Think about this for a while, you have the highest HP pool on the map. What can you use that for outside of being obnoxious in team fights? Scouting the enemy map for no one has the potential to randomly one shot you. You can get out of most sticky situations with your superior HP pool and hyper resistance. This allow you to place wards, and scout the map for threats, enemy locations and that sort of intel. Vision in Wild Rift is more valuable than most other mobile mobas, because you have so little of it! You cannot see beyond the walls and it has to maintained using a smart combination of wards placement and tank positioning. Knowing the enemy junglers position, mid laners rotations and all will go a long way in predicting ganks, or avoiding them altogether.

If your team is losing

This become particularly difficult, because that means the enemy team has higher damage than yours and team fights are possibly not going to go in your favor. In these situations, make sure to not venture too far away from your team mates, as assassin ganks on your carries will a repeated occurrence. Make sure all waves are cleared. When the enemy team is winning, it is easy for the players to get haughty. You can potentially find a lot of squishes out of position. Use this against them. Even one headbutt into the tower can shut down their carry and ensure a grand comeback. But remember to not go for risky plays. Any additional deaths will just snowball the game out of control.

How to defend your allies

All assassins rely heavily on the vision provided by their team to set up ganks or follow up kills. They usually cant engage unless your adc is grossly overextended. Their greatest strength is in remaining invisible and surprising you with ganks. A tanky support can make life living hell for them by constantly following their trail and giving them no chance for launching surprise attacks. If you have vision of their rotations, you will stay safe for the most part. As their ganks will be expected and you would have abilities saved just for them.

Save pulverize and Headbutt for assassins jumping on your adcs. If you can sure an assassin is going to gank you can also charge up your trample stun and inflict a perma stun of trample auto, pulversie and headbutt. Remember to not headbutt an assassin or warrior into your carry, as this might just give them what they wanted and save them the trouble of using their mobility moves to reach your carry.

Tips for PC players

You have to aim headbutt and instantly tap on pulverize. If you are a bit late with Pulverize, the enemy will already be out of your range. PC players might find this odd as it’s an easy combo for them, but on phone it will take a few tries to get it right. But the champion and his playstyle remains more of less the same. A recommended support pick for PC players who have never played a phone moba.

Tips for AOV players

His s1 will instantly remind you of Thane. He can knock up entire teams that have crowded at a spot. His s2 is different from that of Thane in a sense that it creates distance between him and the enemy and it is single target. The feel of using it is also different. But the situation in which Thane uses s2 is pretty similar, in a way the champions he chooses to cc are usually squishes and he has to flicker behind them and push them into his team, or assassins who he pushes away from his squishes. Thane mains will have a good time with Alistar usually. Although Alistar does not have any true damage burst like Thane does, his ult is way tankier than Thane’s passive with a lower cooldown.



Alistar is an ever green champion whose kit makes it so that he has good synergy with a lot of team compositions. One of the few beginner friendly champions who is even viable in higher elos of the game.